A Response To Sexual Orientation

My view of this topic has changed dramatically since it was originally posted in 2004.  First of all I believe we are genetically or even environmentally predisposed to certain sins.  There are sins that some people deal with that others never will. My problem is that Homosexuals claim they cannot help their condition because they are born with it.  Here is where I draw the line.  Just because someone is born with a slant towards certain sinful behavior, that doesn’t mean they should pursue these tendencies.   Just because someone deals with homosexual feelings, doesn’t mean they should act on those feelings, nor does it give them the legal or spiritual right to do so.

Homosexuality is an abnormality. A relationship like this is not normal in any sense. I have known and still know a number of homosexual people and in fact, I have family members who are active homosexuals. It perplexes me that homosexuals claim to have natural relationships and yet the very premise of their relationship is based on deceit. In almost all homosexual relationships, one person is “the woman” of the relationship. This person acts like a woman, walks like a woman, talks like a woman, and has very feminine qualities even if they are a man! It is unnatural for a man to be a woman or a woman to be a man and yet homosexuals have to pretend they are one or the other in order to make their “mock” relationship work. Therefore, you have women who dress like men and walk and act as if they are men and vise versa because they are playing a deceitful roll in an obviously unnatural relationship.

I realize this is a hot topic that is swallowed up in disagreement and bickering, but it is also a very serious issue. To claim that homosexuals are born with a certain sexual orientation is to claim that God made homosexuals who they are and accepts them as such. If that were the case then this would not even be an issue today…. There is no evidence of natural, healthy, homosexual relationships in the bible, but there is plenty to say about this type of behavior being unnatural, perversion, deprave, and the like. Our present culture should not be the standard to which we hold the bible, but the scripture should be the standard of which we hold society accountable to.

I look at the levels of divorce, abortion, violence, and corruption in America today and know that the defining issue is not homosexuality, but sin. We are a nation filled with it, enamored by it, and slaves to it. Homosexuality is just one of many sins that defile the creation of God and corrupt what he has created to be pure, holy, and blameless. I sleep soundly knowing that I am covered by the blood of Christ and I wait eagerly for the day to be face to face with Him. Yet it is ever so startling to know that in a nation filled with divorce, abortion, violence, corruption, sexual perversions and the like, it is because of these things that the wrath of God is coming. Not only will God turn us over to sin so our own sin will destroy us, but in the end His full wrath will burn against those who are not followers of Christ, and that indeed should be feared.

God made us in his image and we have been trying to return the favor ever since!

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  1. Katie posted something similiar once and she noted a conversation she had with her cousin, who is a lesbian. Her cousin remarked about Katie’s picture “Wow! If you weren’t my cousin I’d want to date you!”

    Katie tried to understand why it was a problem for her cousin because they are related, but not because they are both women!?! Why draw the line there?

  2. I’m glad that you had that last couple of paragraphs. It is all a sin problem. We are all dealing with it. For example, I eat too much. Way too much. To make it even worse, I would prefer to sit in front of this computer and type rather than getting out and actually exercise.

    We have a tendency to run around trying to cure the symptoms and many times forget the disease. However, I do have to say that the issue of homosexuality has been pushed to the forefront of late. It seems every TV show has a homosexual character on the program. States are caving right and left by allowing same-sex marriages, destroying one of the two things that Christ established while he was here on Earth. The issue has become a hot button polictical issue, and I promise that the issue will grow even more over the coming years. As a result, I feel like Pressed feels, Christians need to stand up for what is right. In doing so though, we need to be careful and not forget what the real problem is, a problem that ALL of us have. A problem that only has one cure.

  3. Susan, I remember reading Katie’s post about her cousin. She makes a good point. And Christopher, I certainly agree that we should not lose focus on what the problem really is!

  4. I have to agree with you on most everything. The only thing I do disagree with you is about the sexual orientation part. I believe that for whatever reason, each one of us must deal with certain sins that others might never face.

    A friend of mine (who is a Christian) is struggling with homosexual feelings. She has for a very long time found herself more attractive to the same sex and is very ashamed and frustrated by this. She is in therapy and is doing her best to overcome these issues. She has not been able have a “normal” relationship with a guy because she is not attracted to him. She has no intention of ever “practicing” homosexuality, but she has to struggle against the desire within her. She wants very much to be able to get married and have a family but is wondering if God might decide to use her as a single person instead. She would hate to get married to some nice guy so she could have a family, but never really enjoy or desire the “sexual” relationship with him.

    Now I don’t know why she feels this way, I’m not sure of all of her history, for instance if there were negative male figures that made her dislike men at a young age? I don’t know. But I do know that she struggles with the desires.

    I do believe murderers, pedophiles and the like are “oriented” that way. It does not make it ok for them to follow through with it, but I do think they have to live their lives very carefully. We all must determine what sins we are “capable” of and be very careful in making sure we are walking with God so He can help us in those tempting times.

    Anyway, that’s just my two cents :)

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