The Stones Cry Out

Today I read the book The Stones Cry Out: What Archaeology Reveals About the Truth of the Bible by Randall Price. This is actually an excellent book that I would recommend for any Christian, not just those interested in Archaeology. Even Price admits at the beginning of the book that he is writing to the “nonspecialists”.

Price does an excellent job opening up the mind of the believer to the historical world of Christianity and to the rich beauty of Archaeology within the Christian world. There are several things that have shaped my own view of the Bible simply by reading the book and hearing about several of the Archaeological sites and artifacts that have been found. It’s also increased my desire to learn more.


If you’ve every wondered about discoveries that have been made such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Hittites, the discoveries on the Temple Mound, and so many others then this is a good introductory book to turn to. Price does an excellent job at making Archaeology and the Bible come alive. He relates the discoveries and the material findings in life to so many of the Biblical accounts that it gives a whole new perspective on many of the Biblical stories.

I borrowed this book from someone just to read it for the critical book review that I have to do, but now I will be purchasing a copy of this book for myself. It’s that good, and there are numerous references, maps, and other guides that are also helpful for a greater understanding of the Scripture and for a better knowledge of where we are in Archaeology today.

I do think it is important to note that while most readers will agree with Price and believe that there is much we can learn from Archaeology to fill in the history that we do not know, his lack of detail about Archaeology itself leaves the reader disappointed and lacking. After reading the book the reader is left with some knowledge of specific Archaeological finds and very little knowledge of Archaeology itself, the fieldwork involved, how it is done, the big names involved, the ages of civilization, the history of it, and the details about Archaeology itself. While prices does claim that he is writing to non-specials, it becomes obvious that this was an understatement. This book does not make a good introduction to Archaeology. However, for those who know some introductory information about the field, the book does make an interesting read for those whose interests lie with Biblical Archaeology.

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  1. biblical archeology has always been interesting to me, mostly because i’m a history nerd. i’ll probably be picking your brain (that’s a weird expression) next time i’m home

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